Choosing to work with an insurance broker means that you are working with an  individual who can get policies from many different insurance companies. Instead  of limiting yourself to a particular company, you can branch out and look at all  the options available to you. The broker will find out exactly what you need in  an insurance policy and then go to work to find it for you at an affordable  price. The insurance broker has relationships with several companies and can  usually find what you are looking for.

  • Brokers Work for You

  • One of the attractive features of working with an insurance broker is that he  works for you. When you buy an insurance policy from an agent, the agent works  for the insurance company. This means that you may not be able to fully trust  the agent because his paycheck comes directly from the insurance company. When  you hire an insurance broker, he works for you instead of the company. While the  broker does work closely with insurance companies, he is more concerned about  getting you the right policy for the right price.

    Suite of Products

    • Even though you may go into an insurance brokerage with the thought of buying  only one type of specific insurance coverage, you can generally find several  products for sale. Insurance brokers have the  ability to sell auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, life insurance, health  insurance and business insurance. Besides insurance policies, you can also  generally invest in products, such as annuities or mutual fund shares, from an  insurance broker. By purchasing multiple lines of coverage or products, you can  sometimes get a discount on the overall price.

      Benefits of Working with a Broker

    • Working with an insurance broker over an agent can provide you with a number  of advantages. For example, you might be able to save money on your  policy because you have someone negotiating the terms for you. Another advantage  is that it can save you time and is much more convenient than the normal  shopping experience. You can basically tell someone what you need, and then he  will go out and find it for you. When you work with a broker, you know that he  is on your side instead of siding with the insurance company in important  matters.


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